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Development, planning, production and construction of playgrounds, sports and leisure facilities
Development, planning, production and construction of playgrounds, sports and leisure facilities
Skate parks
For over 15 years the team of X-MOVE has been planning and building skate parks all over Europe using smoothly textured shotcrete, high-quality precast elements, and colored architectural concrete.
Parkour parks
From the first steps to big jumps - X-MOVE has been a pioneer throughout Europe for many years when it comes to constructing parkour facilities.
X-MOVE climbing facilities are individually designed by artists. From rock designs to abstract, colored spaces, we offer a diverse array of designs for both sports climbing facilities and playground constructions.
Arts & Recreation
This category showcases the culmination of our many years of experience in the construction of organic free-forms for skate parks, rock construction, concrete designs by experienced artists and last but not least the construction of architectural precast concrete elements.

We have the optimum production technology for every area


Organically flowing free-forms and complex spaces with artistic esthetics are good examples of how versatile handmade shotcrete can be. This technique is used to create large, seamless bowl constructions in skate parks. We also produce art objects and rock structures with this technique. These structures are made possible in cooperation with our partner BARG BETONTECHNIK, our own concrete laboratory and decades of experience in the field of concrete renovation.



Creative variety can be achieved by utilizing individual building elements made of colored concrete in various surface finishes. When making these precast concrete constructions, we team up with a great partner: Dreßler Bau GmbH. The company is not only one of the most renowned precast factories for architectural concrete in Germany but also supports us with its professional concrete laboratory and production techniques such as acidifying, sandblasting etc.


Although concrete as a building material is of great importance to X-MOVE, we are constantly innovating and taking on the challenge to develop and use different materials and experiment with new surface textures.

Our locksmithery creates sophisticated objects from steel, stainless steel and corten steel with different surface finishes.
In the field of climbing and playgrounds, we use high-quality nets and ropes as well as hardwood elements such as oak and Robinia or surfaces of EPDM.

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