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Big leaps through small steps

At X-MOVE, the sport of parkour and the construction of parkour and obstacle parks play a special role. Together with our Parkour specialists we support the free running scene by planning and building new systems and continuously developing new designs, concepts and ideas in terms of material usability.

Each parkour course is unique and built with tested structures as well as newly developed elements that we conceive for the project.

Regardless of any new developments we always uphold our credo: Parkour facilities built by X-MOVE do not merely offer a platform on which advanced free runners can train creatively and test their performance limits, but also offers beginners the possibility of learning the elementary types of moves in a safe environment.


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Parkourspot Nuremberg Dorfäckerstraße
Mannheim BUGA 2023
Butzbach – Vicus Romanus
Mülheim/Ruhr – Sportpark Styrum
Duesseldorf, Parkour Park Sportpark am Bunker
Wuerzburg, Parkour Park Lindleinsmuehle
Köln, Lenzwiese
Bochum-Wattenscheid, Sportspange am Ehrenmal
München, Parkour park Kistenstapel
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